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How to start building your own coding projects with actionable steps!

How to start building your own coding projects with actionable steps!

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·Feb 25, 2021·

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1. Search for a YouTube video or article that shows you how to build a project

Just Google "How to build [insert the project you want to build] with [the technologies you want to use]".

A few examples - -

2. Code along with the tutorial/article you chose.

While you're coding along make sure you take some notes about the steps you need to take to build the project.

You could also write comments. Use whatever works the best for you but make sure you write the steps.

3. After you finished the project delete your code and start from scratch.

Use your notes as guidelines and Google what you don't know.

Use the tutorial only after you've struggled a lot.

Repeat this step until you no longer need the tutorial/article.

4. Add your features to the project

Search similar projects on the internet and get inspired from there.

Or just use your creativity.

Build at least 3 features on your own before going to the next step.

5. Build a similar project without any tutorial

You should build a project with similar functionality to the first one.

For example, you built a loan calculator now build a Celsius to Fahrenheit converted.

6. Keep building

After you finished these 5 steps start again with a completely different project.

For example you built a To-do list app now build a Portfolio website.

I would repeat this about 3 times and then go on and learn more.

7. Go back to the old projects

Every time you learn something new go back to your old projects and use that tool there

For example if you built a few projects with JavaScript in the past, after you learn React go and change those projects from JavaScript to React.

The End

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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