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How to handle impostor syndrome as a developer with actionable steps

How to handle impostor syndrome as a developer with actionable steps

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·Mar 30, 2021·

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1. What is impostor syndrome?

It's the feeling that whatever job you're in, you're not qualified for it and got the position due to a fluke.

And you're afraid that people are to figure out any minute that you're just an impostor who has no clue what you're doing.

2. You're not the only programmer that has the impostor syndrome

Understanding this can help you a lot

Junior developers have it

Senior developers have it too

This is something that every developer felt at least once during his journey. You are not alone.

3. You need to build confidence

The reason behind your impostor syndrome is that you're not confident enough in your skills

So how can you solve this?

-build your side projects -build an audience online -get a small freelance job -share your work online

4. Take some time and see how many things you achieved so far

Always keep track of your achievements

Think about where you were one year ago?

100% of the times you'll see an improvement

This means that you're on the right path

5. Understand that nobody expects you to know everything

If you're just starting out: ASK QUESTIONS

Asking for help is okay. Why?

This demonstrates that you have an open mindset and are willing to learn and adapt

6. Pick something and practice it, regularly

Do you feel that you don't know JavaScript?

Practice it more. Build a few side projects

Do this for a month and then take a look back

You'll see an improvement (which will boost your confidence)

7. Become a mentor and teach others

Most of the times we take the things we already know for granted

Teaching someone that is just starting out (or is less experienced than you)

By doing this you realize how many things you know and how good you are at what you do

8. You are awesome

Do you know how to create a website? That's awesome

Congrats on that. Always celebrate your wins no matter how small they are

I believe that you're awesome and that you can handle impostor syndrome

Keep going!

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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