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How I made over $700 in sales with a Gumroad product (and how you can too)

How I made over $700 in sales with a Gumroad product (and how you can too)

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·May 25, 2021·

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First thing first, I created an audience

I didn't create it to promote an info product in the future, I created it because I loved to create content

So when I first thought about creating an eBook I was at 7-8k followers already

How I came up with the idea?

I thought about all the questions I get in my DMs every day

And those were about: what resources to use, how to improve as a dev, advice for newbie devs, etc

So I thought: why not include a section about all of these topics in an eBook

Then I created the product on @gumroad and contacted @hustlewithcata to help me create the cover (highly recommended)

I decided to create the eBook as a Notion page since that is easier and looks better than a PDF

I was already working at the eBook for the last 7 days when I decided to open the Pre-Orders for the eBook

And that's what I did

I wrote a tweet where I announced that my eBook is available for Pre-Orders

Here is the tweet -

It performed well and brought over $100 in sales on the first day and Another $200 in the next 7 days until I launched

After 7 days I finished the product and decided to launch since I already had a few good reviews (which helped me a lot)

For the launch, I did the same thing, posted a tweet (this one and waited

That tweet brought another $200 in sales so I was already at $500

The other $200 came from my pinned tweet (the one about the launch) and word of mouth

I didn't promote the eBook on Reddit or other social media platforms. Just Twitter

So here are all the stats after one month

Over 1600 views Almost 100 sales $667 in revenue

So, how can you do this too?

  1. Build an audience around something you are passionate about (and you're quite good at)

  2. Find the problems your audience has

  3. Think about the solution to solve that problem

  4. Create that solution and put it into an eBook/video course

  5. Promote it to your audience

One last thing...

It is not as hard as it might seem right now

I know, you might fail. But it doesn't matter

Treat it like a learning experience and you can only win.

Btw here is my eBook if you are interested ->

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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