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How I made $2000+ with affiliate marketing in 5 months as a 16 years old

How I made $2000+ with affiliate marketing in 5 months as a 16 years old

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·Aug 1, 2021·

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Before you read this thread I want to clarify this:

Affiliate marketing is not a get rich quick scheme and it's not a scam either

Spamming links on Twitter won't work

You need to focus on giving value to others through the products you're promoting

Now, let's begin...

I made my first affiliate sale on 8 March 2021 using Twitter

At that time I had around 10k followers and I was following a Web Design course

As you probably already know on Twitter people ask what courses you follow

And that happened to me too so I thought "I could become an affiliate for this course because I already promote it a lot for free"

So I did that and on 7 of March someone asked me about that course and I sent them the affiliate link

Then on 8 March I received this email

It was the first affiliate sale I ever made and my first income online at the same time so I tweeted this

As you can see this tweet went viral and a lot of people asked me how I did it so I recommended them the course I used

And because I was an affiliate for that course too I made another $60 in that day

And then I realized that I could continue to do this when someone asked me about the courses I follow

So that's what I did for the next 5 months and here I am now making $500/month from this

Next, I want to talk a bit about my strategy

So I only promote courses that I used and that are valuable for my audience

Promoting something you didn't use yourself is the worst thing you could do

But how do you promote that course?

Here is the tricky part...

You don't put the link in the first tweet and you don't make a post about that course either

You need to post a tweet and promote the course under it in the second tweet

If you use this strategy make sure that the course you're promoting is relevant to that tweet

I also promote the same 2-3 course and this is what I recommend to everyone that wants to do this


Because, usually, someone needs to see a product a couple of times before they buy it

And if you promote a different course every day you won't convert that well

Now, let's talk about you can do this too

  1. You need to create an audience

How do you do this?

By giving value for free

Remember that you need to give before you can ask

I recommend only consider monetization after you reach 10k followers

  1. You need to buy a course, use it and get results

For example get a web development course, learn from it and then promote it

Tell others how it helped you and how it can help them too

  1. You need to see what works

In the beginning you'll promote different course but after you see which courses work the best for you audience stick with those

  1. Then you just need to keep growing and promoting

Remember that if you want sales you need to promote every single day

The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter.

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