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How I failed to create an audience twice (and succeeded the third time)

How I failed to create an audience twice (and succeeded the third time)

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·Jul 2, 2021·

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It all started one year ago

I was following @andres_vidoza on Instagram and I liked how he was documenting his web development journey

So I thought "I can do this too"

The next day I took a photo of my laptop while I was coding and talked a bit about what I learned that day under it

After one hour only 10 people saw it but nobody liked it

I was ok with that and I continued posting

After 2-3 weeks of posting every day I was getting 5 likes at most on each post I made but I wasn't enjoying that at all

I hated taking pictures. I only wanted to code and then write about what I learned

So I slowly became very inconsistent until I stopped posting

At that time I also discovered Twitter

After a few weeks of lurking, I decided to give it a try

So one day I announced that I'm doing the 100 Days of Code challenge

I did that for almost 2 months and nobody was seeing my posts

I gained less than 100 followers in 2 months which made me really unmotivated

Now when I look back I realize that the way I was formatting my tweets was really bad

Lots of hashtags, no white spaces

So as you probably guessed after those 2 months I quit Twitter too

It was the beginning of September 2020 at that time and school was about to start so I stopped coding too

Then somewhere around the 1st of October, I read an article from @catalinmpit

He was talking about how important an online presence is for a developer

That article motivated me to start tweeting again

So I made that public once again and I also bought a Twitter course...

(will talk more about this later)

One week went by and I started to fall in love with it

I saw that as I was applying the learnings from that course my tweets were getting more and more likes

A few months later of tweeting every day I hit 1000 followers

From there everything got a lot easier

All I did was follow what I learned in that course and post tweets every day

And here we are now

After 2 failures and 6 months of hard work, I managed to build an amazing audience of 18,000+ people

So, what can you learn from this story?

  1. Find the platform that works the best for you
  2. Create a schedule and post something everyday
  3. Get a growth course to speed up the process
  4. Stay consistent for at least 3 months

Btw, this is the Twitter course I was talking about


The end

I hope found this useful and if you did please let me know. If you have any question feel free to DM me on Twitter .

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