Pasca Vlad
Vlad's blog

Vlad's blog

About me

Hey I'm Vlad!

I'm a 16 years old self-taught web developer.

The technologies I work with are:

  1. Javascript
  2. HTML and CSS
  3. WordPress
  4. Git and Github

My journey

I started programming one year ago when I was 15. My uncle introduced me to Python and fell in love with it. After I did a few projects with Python I realized that I would like to try out web development too. So I just went on Freecodecamp and learned from there HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

After learning HTML and CSS I got my first job as a web developer at a start-up where I learned about Git, Github, and Docker. I stayed at that job for about 3 months but then I realized that I want to build the projects I want so I continued my journey with Javascript.

So at the moment, I am learning Javascript and WordPress because I want to start freelancing on the side.

What you'll see on this blog

Here I want to mostly talk about things I wish I knew when I first started as a developer one year ago. I'll also document my journey here too, share the projects I am working on and show you how I solved some problems you might face in the future too.